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How to Make a Hidden Message Morse Code Bracelet!




Prep:  Using the Morse Code Alphabet provided, spell out the message you want to bead.  Use one backslash (“/”) to separate letters in a word, and use two backslashes (“//”) to mark a space between the words.  (the backslashes will correspond to your spacer beads).


  1. Choose 1 color of round beads, and 1 color of tube beads for the lettering.  You will need extra rounds to create more length after the words.  Also choose spacer beads for spacing between the letters and words
  2. Cut a piece of stretch floss that is 20 inches long, fold it in half  and insert your bobby pin needle into the bend.  Measure 7 inches from the needle and attach a bead stopper to prevent beads from sliding off the end while you string.
  3. String approximately 10 rounds on the cord then add 3 spacer beads - this designates the beginning of your message.
  4. Start stringing the beads which represent the letters in your message.  Remember to use one spacer bead between the letters in a word, and 2 spacer beads between your words.  When your message has been strung, end with 3 spacer beads.
  5. Measure your bracelet to make sure it fits your wrist.  You can either add rounds or take them away from the starter beads to get the length you want.
  6. Now you are ready to tie the knot:  Start by sliding your beads towards the needle so that there is just a small loop of elastic cord showing at the bottom of the needle.  Remove the bead stopper from the end of your project and separate the 2 strands of floss.
  7. Thread one of the strands through the little loop at the base of the needle and pull the beads into a loop like a bracelet.  Remove the needle by sliding it out gently.
  8. Holding both ends of the floss (one in each hand), tie a surgeon's knot - i.e.,  an overhand knot in which you pass a cord tail through the loop twice and repeat.
  9. Add a dab of glue to the knot and let it dry for a few minutes.  Cut away the excess tail of floss and it is ready to wear.