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How Many Seed Beads Do I Need for My Project?

Below is an approximate bead count for popular seed bead sizes that are uniform in size and shape like Miyuki brand seed beads. Some Czech seed beads have irregular round shapes so the bead per gram counts may vary.  Toho brand beads have a larger hole making them lighter weight and resulting in more beads per gram.  A bead’s finish may also affect count, for example, metal finishes like duracoat and galvanized weigh more so there will be fewer beads per gram resulting in less beads per package.  Always overestimate the number of beads needed for a project.  Leftover seed bead stashes come in handy!




Hole Size

Beads per Gram

Beads per linear Inch

Beads per square Inch



1.5 x 1.3mm

.7 mm






2.1 mm

1.0 mm






3x2 mm

1.0 mm






4 x 3 mm

1.3 mm






1.6 x 1.5 mm

.8 mm






2.5 x 2.5 mm

1.5 mm



  • Dawn LiVigne

What Type of Stretch Cord Should I Use for My Project?

Consider type, thickness and color:

  1. Round Elastic Cord.  Common brands are Stretch Magic and Powercord.  This is a single rubbery strand that comes in clear, black and pearl and common diameter sizes include  .5 mm, .7mm, .8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 1.8 mm.  It is strong and holds its shape well,  but it is harder to make the knot given its slippery nature, unless glued.  The knot is bulkier as well but can be hidden in a larger hole bead or charm bail used as the first or last bead on a project.  It is best secured with a double surgeon’s knot with a tab of G-H Hypo Cement that has a fine point applicator tip.  
  2. Stretch Floss: This is made from multiple strands of woven elastic giving it a fibrous nature.  It is very stretchy and easy to make a small knot given its flat nature.  If it is not cut with sharp fabric or fiber scissors, it can fray, and while some say glue is not necessary to use, we always add a dab of G-S Hypo Cement.   Floss is less expensive than elastic cord and typically is available in .5mm and .7mm, suitable for small holed beads but it  can be doubled and strung with a needle, commonly done for the hidden knot method. Opelon is our brand of choice, available in white and black,  but there are others that come in more colors.
  3. Elastic Core Polyester Cord.  This comes in a wide variety of colors and in diameters much thicker than Floss and Elastic Cord, such as 2-4mm.  It is often used for hair accessories or when stringing large hole beads and is a good choice when the cording is visible because of its expansive color choices.  However, it stretches out of shape with extended use so it is not a great choice for jewelry.  
  • Dawn LiVigne

What is a Blessing way and the role of beads?

A Blessing way, or as it is sometimes called, a Mother’s Blessing, is a ceremony that celebrates pregnancy and the passage into motherhood. It derives from a Native American tradition in which the expectant mother and her closest friends gather to support, nurture and empower an expectant mother. The ceremony is a natural and comfortable one in which the “sisters” create a circle for an expectant mother, blessing the journey ahead for her into motherhood.   

Different from a baby-shower, it focuses more on the expectant mother and can have many rituals, one of which is stringing a “Labour of Love” necklace for the mother-to-be to wear or hold during labor.  Each woman brings a bead or trinket of special meaning, and while stringing it on the cord, offers ‘beads’ of advice or support. The beads can be healing stones known for specific properties, charms or trinkets nostalgic of a special memory or bond of friendship or simply be beautiful adornments of love.   

Below are a selection of some of our favorite beads for such ceremonies.  

Healing Stone Beads For Pregnancy & Motherhood

Agate Stone Beads

Agate’s properties include easing discomfort from bloating and gastric issues.

Amethyst Stone Beads

Amethyst is believed to release tension, physical and emotional pain and to offer protection

Black Onyx Stone Beads

Black Onyx: In some cultures Black Onyx is given to mothers during labor to bolster strength and stamina helping to speed labor.  

Celestite Stone Beads

Celestite can assist in the relief of stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors. Perfect for anyone nervous about a new experience.

Citrine Stone Beads 

Citrine beads are often paired with Amethysts. Great for twins since the stones are different color variants of the same source and believed to promote  individuality while easing twin rivalry.

Garnet Stone Beads

Garnet stone beads are used to help discourage miscarriages. 

Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads

Lapis Lazuli helps to heal the body from the stressors of pregnancy

Malachite Stone Beads

Malachite is believed to help ease labor pains or cramping, promote contractions and is known as the "midwives stone.”

Moonstone Stone Beads

Moonstone is known for aiding fertility, childbirth, pregnancy, balancing female hormones and easing water retention.

Peridot Stone Beads

Peridot is said to ward against postpartum depression and help to ease the opening of the birth canal during labor. 

Rose Quartz Stone Beads

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love, it is believed to help strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Selenite Stone Beads

Selenite is said to help relieve  back pain and muscle tension, and bring one to a place of peacefulness.

Unakite Stone Beads

Unakite is a neutralizing stone. It helps balance emotions, alleviates nausea during early pregnancy and is an overall good stone for promoting healthy pregnancies. 

  • Dawn LiVigne